Forensic Audit

Find & Fix Financial Leakage

Keeping your head above water is a thankless, exhausing task that nobody should expect to do. Yet managing project costs didn't matter as much when raising money was easier than now.

Forensic Audit

With the MoneyQube Forensic Audit, you will:

  • Know exactly where your transactions stand
  • Identify all financial discrepancies
  • Flag exceptional variances for immediate resolution
  • Develop new policy, process, and practice to Fix the problem once and for all
  • Be able to identify errors of commission, and errors of commission that make reconciliation so difficult

We take a look at all of your project transactions, capture the details, and create total visibility across your Invoice, Field Expense, and Purchases. Instead of a partial view with manual intervention, we provide a single contextualized view that just makes sense. Examples of common problem areas are:

  • Rentals
  • The Multi-Page Invoice
  • Spot Market Expenses with no prior contract agreement
  • Chart of Account Inconsistency


Most companies and their financial professionals can tell when there is something wrong, when things just don't quite add up there where they are supposed to be. The tough part is keeping up with the daily demands, and find the cause of the imbalance - the reasons why reconciling the transaction pool is so difficult.

MoneyQube's Forensic Audit solution makes the difficult manageable.


We work with your team to facilitate the transition to a stronger policy, procedure, and practice. Once all the sources of difficulty have been found, verified, and documented, we work with management and your team to:

  • build a project plan
  • train staff and implement
  • verify the results
From Forensic Audit to Facilitated Fix.

Peace of Mind

With our help, you can Know what you don't know. More important, you can do something about quickly and with certainty.
Now you can reset easy knowing that never again will you:

  • work excessive overtime to find missing 'stuff'
  • blow your staff budget for reconciliation
  • need to engage in creative accounting
  • fear an audit requested by the IRS/CRA, your Board of Directors, or a prospective Investor