Liquidity | Compliance | Control

As CFO you know how damaging failing an audit, running afoul of the regulators, or simply running out of cash. Don't do it!


Its getting more difficult to raise money in the oil patch, and in service industries directly involved with it. This makes is more dangerous than ever to lose track of your money, be taken advantage of by unscrupulous vendors, or anything that causes you to run out of money.

Audit Compliance

Regulatory compliance is on the rise for most companies, as is meeting Board and Investor due diligence demands. Unreconcilable Invoice, Field Expense, and Purchase backlogs create avoidable risk for you personally, professionally, and your company.


You can't manage what you don't measure is a common phrase. Yet you can't measure what you can't find, and you'll have a hard time trying to fix and stop the causes of problems in your tracking system if you misplace the details. Financial Leakage is the same as losing control.