The Bits & Bytes

Getting it Done! Operations make it happens in the physical world. Its easy to lose track of the project's financial data.

The Bits

Volume creates complexity.
The more contact points that exist, the more risk there is of important and essential information to be permanently lost, mis-categorized, or mis-interpreted. High volume activity forces everyone to compete with the clock, as the urgent competes with the important. It is so much easier to get it right the first time if the process and practice are well supported.

Financial Leakage
is not your friend.

The Bytes

Recent advances in bandwidth make it easier to get the information needed to into the field, and to capture it in the field. Yet they still lag behind the curve, causing people to take shortcuts by using spreadsheets in the hope of catching up later. In high volume operations, the tendency is to point at the numbers as an estimate only, therefore not that important.

Discrepancies add up quick, and before you know it you're on overtime to sort it out.