Real Time Monitor

Stop Financial Leakage and Prosper

When you stop losing Time, Effort, and Money, your productivity will improve and results will follow. Its the accumulation of many small achievements that produce thevictory you seek.

Real Time Monitor

With the MoneyQube Real Time Monitor, you will:

  • Enjoy the peace of mind from knowing you can pass any audit, and report to management and key stakeholders with clarity and speed
  • Be empowered - imagine yourself with a toolkit enabling you to find, fix, and prevent Financial Leakage in your company
  • Enhance your professional standing by eliminating risk to your career, colleagues, and company
  • Have clarity and speed, eliminate ugly surprises, reduce costs and increase productivity

Stop Discrepancies

Discrepancies between what was expected and what was realized happen all the time. The key is to quickly identify patterns, trends, and exceptions that are too frequent, too large, or out of scope.

Small fires quickly turn into a blaze when left alone too long.
Where there's smoke, there's fire.

Prevent repeat errors

Its not that people won't make errors, they always will and do. The problem is that they continue to make the same ones over and over again, compounding some misunderstanding of policy and procedure until it becomes common practice.
This can be stopped quickly, in fact should be.
An ounce of prevention - worth a pound of cure.

Monitor in Real Time

You can't be every where at once to keep an eye on everything, yet software has that capacity. Our Real Time Monitor (RTM) supports the rapid identification of financial discrepancies and deviations from intended plan.

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